Transfer Domain
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What is Domain Transfer?
Domain Transfer is a process to Transfer a Domain from one Domain Registrar to another.

Why should you Transfer your Domain to Us?
You should consider transferring your domain in following scenarios:- 1) Your Current Domain Registrar is Charging too much for the Renewal. 2) You are Dissatisfied with the services or support provided by your current Registrar.

How do I transfer my domain to Domainz.in?
Step 1) Requirements
To transfer your domain to your account with us, you will need 1) Domain Secret (transfer code), 2) Unlock your Domain. The option to obtain Domain Secret and to Unlock your Domain should be available in your account at your current Domain Registrar's website. If not, please contact your Domain Registrar to provide you the Domain Secret & Unlock your Domain for Transfer. Your current registrar will not charge you anything for doing this!

Step 2) Submit Transfer Request
Once you obtain the Domain Secret & Unlock your domain, go to Domain Transfer Page =>
www.domainz.in/transfer.php, submit your Domain Name & Transfer Code to Start the Domain Transfer process.

Step 3) Admin Email Approval
After you place the Domain Transfer Order, you will receive an email at the Admin Email Address provided in the WHOIS Information of the domain to Confirm the Transfer. You must click on the Confirmation Link to Accept the Domain Transfer.

Once you complete the above steps, your current Domain Registrar will approve your transfer request within 5-7 days, after that the domain will be added to your domainz.in account.

Free Domain Renewal on Transfer!
On Successful Transfer, your Domain will be Renewed for 1 year. For e.g. if your domain was expiring on 30th June 2015 with your current registrar, after transferring it to us, its new expiry date will be 30th June 2016.

ZERO Risk Transfer Failure!
For any reason if the Domain Transfer fails, funds will be credited back to your domainz account.

Contact Us at +91-987-288-2762 for Help related to Domain Transfer!

Please Note: Do not Transfer your Domain if:- 1) You had registered the domain less than 60 days ago. 2) Your domain had expired with your previous registrar, and you had renewed your domain after expiry. In such case, you should wait for 60 days before transferring your domain to us, otherwise you will not get 1 year renewal.